Friday, 5 December 2008

Store Detectives: 05/12/08

Well well, it's gonna be a short post this week. Not because there's a small update, but because so much of it is shit.

To begin with however, there is one good thing here: Sony are keeping up with the whole releasing classic PSone games on the store. This week, both are quite good (Red Alert Retaliation and Jet Rider), and neither cost £6 (in fact, it seems £3.99 is the new price point). I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank EA for their support of the Store and in particular the PSone Classics thus far.

Unfortunately, that's about all the good content this week. Even trophies couldn't make me buy GTi Club+ (read Aquatic's hands-on here), and Brain Challenge looks even worse. Unless of course you go for that sort of thing. In which case, the incredibly boring trophy list should stop you in your tracks. The Lego Batman demo is marginally more exciting, in the same way being shot in the crotch and having your eyes gouged out with a spoon made of pain would be more interesting than being shot alone. It's just like all the other Lego games, just more stale.

Whilst the LittleBigPlanet is gorgeous as ever (love the Japanese) and free, from friends with the other games with DLC this week, it all seems very little for extortionately high prices, something which is apparently most relevant to the Force Unleashed bits and bobs.

Whilst the Skate 2 trailers are quite nice, they don't really excite me that much (re-release Pro Skater 4 for PSone please), but this weeks Shoot short film is fantastic. "Hands" is very clever, and I actively encourage you to go watch it yourselves. Oh and Sony, sticking the Resistance 2 trailers on the release list doesn't make them new - they came out the other week. The Undercover wallpaper is quite nice, as are a couple of the EndWar ones, but the rest of the 'papers and themes are fugly as ever.

So, you know what, this week you don't need to spend anything at all! Unless you want the PSone games, which are pretty nice, but don't you have enough games to be playing now anyway? It's nearly Christmas.


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