Friday, 12 December 2008

Store Detectives: 12/12/08

Well, here's a nice surprise! A new PSN game, that is pretty sweet, has trophies, and Aquatic had already bought for me to take. In all honesty though, this week's new game "Astro Tripper" is really good, and absolutely worth it for the low-low asking price of £3.19 (yes, that's right, cheaper than a PSone game).

Speaking of PSone games, Jet Rider 2 is good, but not really enough of an improvement on the original to warrant buying if you bought 1 the other week. If you don't have either, I'd still go for one, if you're gonna buy a retro game, it may as well be the most retro one of the two. Puzzle Quest is apparently good, but unfortunately I have no desire whatsoever to buy it. Generic to the max?

So, to DLC. The Street Fighter costumes available now for LBP are so great, and guaranteed to be cuter than their PAIN equivalents whenever they come out. And even if you know nothing about Street Fighter (like me), the guy with lots of facial hair would sure be a good start for a Mr T sackboy. I'm liking the teasy Christmas costume too (for those out of the loop, half of the Santa costume is out now, with the other half coming next week). The Tom Clancy pack, I am told by those with the game, is hideously overpriced for what's included, which amounts to very little actual playable content, and would be much more attractive at a £3.49 price point. For those without the game (me included) it is now down to £25 at a lot of sites.

Out of the trailers, the Crash Commando one is hilarious, the Prince of Persia (theatrical) one is epic, and the Soldner-X one is meh. Seriously, I don't know what people like about this game, it looks so generic! This week's Shoot film "Prison Food" is also pretty good, starring two criminals who retreat into their imaginations for Sunday dinners. There's no "Hands"-style twist, but it's good nonetheless. Although the GTi Club wallpaper is nice if you have nothing better to put there, the EndWar ones are quite nice, but if you choose to keep the plain XMB you'll see it get progressively paler to reach its snowy white later this month.

This week I recommend Astro Tripper and the free LBP DLC for download, as well as the EndWar wallpapers. If you're a Street Fighter fan longing for SSF2THDR, maybe the costume pack will tide you over to more inevitable disappointment next week.


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