Thursday, 18 December 2008

Home Update v1.04: Shopping Centre

It's that time again; Home update time! And it brings a whole BUNCH of new stuff!

With an initial update of 13MB (then repeated updates of each space) we now have the chance to expand our wardrobe and furniture, in the form of:

-The Diesel Store - Here there are 17 tops for dudes and 4 for females (wtf? Bit unfair perhaps? Or maybe they assume most girls are guys, therefore will be wearing as little as possible) all pieces at £1.59 each

-The Ligne Roset Store - This is all furniture, so far with 3 new chairs (the first chair being free for some reason, so go grab it quick for now, and the other two being £1.59) and 4 snazzy tables (the first one being free again, the rest -you guessed it- £1.59).

-The Home Threads store - A bunch of stuff has been added to here. For guys there's:

-3 new hats.
-1 new pair of gloves.
-3 new tops.
-3 new trousers.
-3 new boots.
-3 new pairs of glasses.

Same goes for girls, 'cept there's only 1 new pair of glasses, but a new pair of earrings. Also, each group has a piece of clothing of Santa Claus (both male and female). Everything will cost you 59p each, except anything Christmassy, which is 79p.

-Finally on the Shopping Centre front, we have the furniture store, where we haaaave:

-2 new storage units.
-14 new ornaments.

Each costs 59p as per usual, cept the X-Mas tree and the snowman, which are 79p.

And there we go, apart from a couple of Loco Roco 2 adverts and posters, that's all that's been added to the Shopping Centre. New Home Square is being downloaded now, and I'll make another post if/when that's changed!

Your friendly Home lurker, AW.

(and yes I totally bought the santa stuff)


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