Thursday, 11 December 2008


It's like pulling a block out of a Jenga tower. There's always worry and anticipation, possibility for failure and humiliation, but when it goes right? Complete joy.

That's what it feels like in Home right now. After years of development, it's finally released and ready for god knows how many people to flood in thrusting and harassing their way to fame. I was worried that the servers would struggle, Sony never seems to be good at guessing them kind of things, but right now it's all pretty smooth. Octopus is reporting some instabilities, but it could be random, who knows.

Couple of things that we need to point out that are missing:

  • Everything
Yeah, so much for the new Square, flying saucer game, and Watchmen trailers, (we already knew the clothes, furniture and game spaces were delayed a week) which were supposed to be as soon as you log in, but SCE must've thought better of it. Knowing them it's either coming tomorrow or next week with the rest of the content (i.e. Red Bull air race) but that's yet to be clarified.

So for you beta testers logging in now, don't be alarmed there's nothing new, but you newbies, go out there, make some friends, dance suggestively (in that order) and have fun.

What can we say? Home, is finally...Home.


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