Saturday, 13 December 2008

They Tried To Flog Me Lost...

So, I was off to buy my PS3 today..choose the games etc. Anyway in Game I inquired about the various bundles on offer [much to my folly]. So the ''nice'' people in Game offered this 80GB console with 4 games for about £290.

I was happy, very happy until I realised one of the 4 games was Lost: Via Domus [dun dun dun].

So as it says on Wikipedia [the source of all factual knowledge]....

''Lost: Via Domus received generally negative to mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Based on 34 reviews, the Xbox 360 version currently holds a percentage of 58% at Game Rankings, and a score of 56 at Metacritic, based on 13 reviews.''

Knowing this I was not only shocked but also insulted.

I left the shop with all due haste, heading for the local Gamestation, arriving in a bad mood I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly staff and lack of Lost bundles. I decided to spite Game [which also actually owns Gamestation after a £75 million takeover in '07] and buy it from there. So after some strong haggling and some impulse buying [of a DS..yes i dont know why either] I got a DS with Super mario and Brain training and Starter pack + a 80GB PS3 with Farcry2, Smackdown '09 [Shut up its fun], Ratchet and Clank ToD and CoD WaW all for £487 instead of the asked £650.




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