Monday, 19 January 2009

So I Lost My Job....

Well not quite, although it has been a depressing week. I don't seem to be having any luck. Financially I'm bankrupt, morally too, most likely, keeping those I like from the things they want to do and excluding those who, perhaps, deserve a second chance. I also seem to have the inability to pick those good enough to do good for me and am having a poor influence on the younger generation while neglecting the older generations experience. And yet...

I am the Special One.

So Football Manager 09 has taken me as another casualty like so many before. 25 hours in the past week has been spent endlessly scouring obscure countries international squads looking for a gem of a player who might just reverse my fortunes.

It is a game with which one can become very..... angry with. But it is a love hate relationship, for every hour you put in, three hours later you see the benefits. This may seem backwards but it gives that 'one more game....' mentality.

And don't get me started on network games....

The Special One.
I will not play Schevchenko.


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