Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Eurogamer Expo: GTI Club+

Hello*, and this is my hands on with GTI Club+, the upcoming PSN game releasing on the 4th of December for £9.99.

Not a particularly extravagant introduction, but then this isn't a particularly extravagant game.. Sure, online play, 60fps, 720p visuals and SIXAXIS/PSEye support is just fantabby-dooby, but when reviewing playtime here at TWP, it's all about the fun. And it might just be me but limited boring tracks and stiff controls doesn't translate into 'extravagant'.

I was hoping it would follow in the steps of previous GTI Club games, perhaps end up like the love child of Crazy Taxi and Micro Machines. But instead it feeels like watching a kid play with Hot Wheels cars in treacle, every so often bumping into barriers and cars going ppsssscheeeow (which could very well be my poor driving game skills and overactive imagination) but ultimately feeling very cheap and plasticy.

Which is sad, because it was a game that I'd imagined myself buying, but it's hard not to compare it with WipEout HD in such a respect. For £2 more, you get better visuals, more modes, more vehicles, more tracks and fantastically responsive controls. And yes it may be narrowminded to compare two quite different racing games to each other, but if it ever came to it? WipEout all the way.

Aquatic Wanderer

*Though it would be pointless to say that I'm back from Italy. Kinda obvious.


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