Friday, 26 December 2008


I'm back, briefly, to tell you about some of the amazing deals going around at the moment. I say some, there's money off pretty much everywhere, so here goes:

PlayStation 3

HMV may not be the cheapest place around but its still managing to keep afloat (ooh burn, Woolies and Zavvi), and they currently have EndWar for £23, and Dead Space and Mercs 2 are £28. Fifa 09 is £22.98 at Game, along with Mirror's Edge for £19.98. Vegas 2, Far Cry 2 (special edition is £24.98), Saints Row 2 and Spyro are £17.98, and the newest Need for Speed, Midnight Club (awesome, impressions soon) and Force Unleashed are all £24.98. has the new Prince of Persia and Bioshock for £17.99, MotorStorm 2 for £29.99 and the official Rock Band 2 guitar for £29.99 too. Unfortunately, due to stock issues caused by the collapse of Woolworths, Resistance 2 is still full price everywhere, but I'll tell you as soon as that changes (probably cos I'll grab it). And if you don't care about getting top level games, Kane and Lynch is £9.98 on Amazon, Stuntman Ignition is £7.98 at Game, and Dark Sector is between £5-10 in quite a lot of places.

PlayStation Network

The Winter PSN sale that the Americans have been enjoying for a few weeks has finally made its way over to the greener shores of Europe with price cuts on a wide variety of games. Wipeout HD can be grabbed for £11.99 (theres a demo up now too), SSHD, Pain, Toy Home, and The Last Guy are all £3.99, in my opinion the sweet point for PSN games. Echochrome is down to a quite nice £4.79 too. Expansions for Toy Home (hmm) and Snakeball (why would you?) are £1.59 each, the Eye of Judgement set 2 and 3 combo pack is £8.39, and flOw for PSP is now only £3.99.


Over at Game, Frontlines is £5.98, the new Alone in the Dark (like Home Alone, but less festive) is £6.98, Hellgate London (the Tube in rush hour) is £9.98, Far Cry 2 is £14.98, Supreme Commander is £9.99 and Red Alert 3 is a smidgen under twenty quid (thats £19.99, for the morons out there). The Steam holiday sale is also crazy, they've got Portal and Bioshock for £3.49 a piece, Audiosurf for £2.99, Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike Source or Unreal Tournament 3 for only £6.99 each, World of Goo is £12.74, the original Half Life is £5.39 with both expansions down to 99p, GTA3 and Vice City are £5.39 and Beyond Good and Evil can be grabbed for £3.74.


And summing up the awesome deals, here are the best on Blu-Ray right now. HMV has got 3 movies for £30, which is nearly as good as the 3 for 2 offers at Amazon and, but beating them all out is ASDAs new 2 for £20, including hits like Transformers and Cloverfield for £12.98. Just incase you're around, Matalan has Casino Royale, Layer Cake, and a bunch of others for £12 each too.

In addition, the PSP remake of the original Final Fantasy is currently £9.99 on, and the limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4 watch is now only £97.86 at Gamestation. =O


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