Sunday, 7 December 2008

Weekend Roundup X: Part Two

It's me back again, with the second part of this week's gaming roundup. In Part One, I babbled a bit about the week's goingson internet-wise, and now its time to tell you what we've been playing ourselves.

In fact, it has been quite a varied week for all of us. I spent the beginning of the week playing around in Rapture, and decided that Bioshock (as has been claimed) is a fantastic game. I'll hav my own thoughts on the game during this week, but for a spoiler, it's superydupery. I've also been playing bits and bobs of Warhawk here and there, and brought myself early Christmas presents in the form of Battlefield Bad Company and the spectacular Mirrors Edge, which are also both superydupery. And due to the shittiness of the Store update this week, I reached back into the archives and brought Blast Factor. Where did I suddenly get all this money from? Well I didn't. So I guess the credit crunch is partly my fault. Oh, and I finally reached Level 7 on PSN!

Aquatic has also been ravaging a rather mixed bag, after deciding he didn't like Fallout, he's been flicking between finishing off Dead Space and messing about in Warhawk, with Blast Factor (stolen from me) filling in the bits in between. He was equally unimpressed with the Store update, but still threatened to download everything just to spite my recommendation. I killed all his family. But there has been one place we've been in and out of all week: Home. Seriously, the whole thing is so fun, and I can't see either of us ignoring it this week coming either.

Unfortunately the Farmer is quite ill (he's got the flu), and so hasn't been playing anything at all!

We've got plenty planned for next week here on the blog, so pop by again soon!


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