Monday, 15 December 2008


Not got much hard drive space left on your PS3, but still want to indulge in some PSN awesomeness? Maybe you have a shit download speed? Or maybe you just want to be able to trade in your game when you're done with it? Well fear not, I am here!

I decided to spend some brief time in actual shops over last weekend, and what was I to find, but Blu-Ray versions of some great Network titles. Sure Siren Blood Curse was meant to come out on disk, but then it got sort of cancelled, and everyone forgot. But I sure as hell didn't know Ratchet and Clank mini-adventure Quest for Booty was out! And for those of you into wasting time by attempting to boost your intelligence (and failing), recently-released download Brain Challenge is also available.

So pop into your local Game store, or just hop on their website for some great PSN deals!


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