Sunday, 7 December 2008

Comic: Racist Undertones

It's our second week or so in the world of Home, and as you've heard from all of us, we're having a ball. But this ball isn't without it's spikes. Or holes. Or whatever irregularity that would cause the ball to become faulty, yet retain it's spherical shape.


Home is full of people who do not have the Sony chatpad, a USB keyboard, or a headset of some kind. Thankfully the nice people at SCE have gifted these chaps with pre-set phrases to really get to know whoever you want to. Phrases include "Hello" and "I have no keyboard".
Now, this is a great idea in theory but since there's about 10 phrases, once they've been used up, conversation ceases and it just become awkward. Here's a scene that's happened to me countless times, causing me to surmise the entire population of Home is racist.

First ever webcomic, so go easy!



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