Sunday, 25 January 2009

What Are We Playing

Little separation this week only, there's lots to talk about in the Roundup, so what we've been playing has got its own little post.

Earlier this week, I discovered the Red Alert 2 files on my computer. Soon enough, myself, Aquatic and Volcanic had started a series of viscious competitive matches which resulted in tears, mashed keyboards, and more than a couple of explecitives. You can see more from Armadillo's warped perspective here. And before you think I'm just really shit, I play the long game in RTSs - something Armadillo FAILS AT COMPLETELY THE RUSHING BASTARD. /rant. Elsewhere, I've been playing Penny Arcade Adventures, which Aquatic has completed already, and he overtook me in the trophy stakes. But we don't talk about that, okay?. Wow, I'm a bit hormonal today.

Volanic managed to convince Fryingpan to buy old game Hearts of Iron 2 (one of Armadillo's favourites), which Fryingpan is finding suitably hard. Easier perhaps was the Farmer's win at the "World Cup" in Fifa 09 using New Zealand. Oh and I looked up Football Manager; amongst this year's new features (yes, this is 2009), it lists "a 3D match engine, support for female managers and widescreen compatibility". Wow, way ahead of its time.

Stay tuned for the Roundup, awesome news ahead!



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