Tuesday, 6 January 2009


You know what, I reckon this prediction business can't be all that hard. Take something rumoured, add in something sensible, and sprinkle with one or two crazy ideas. Anyway, enough with that, here are my predicitions for the PlayStation brand in 2009.

The Good
  • Whatever Team ICO announce, it will be awesome.
  • There will be a price cut either at E3 or for Christmas.
  • A music department will be added to the PlayStation Store.
  • A platform for the creation of full user-generated games (like Microsoft's XNA) will be announced.
  • PSN will get a feature like the New Xbox Experience's Parties allowing groups to voice chat irrelevant of game. It will not work across all games.
  • Two new PS3 peripherals will be announced by Sony.
The Bad
  • Like Resistance 2, Killzone 2 will not sell as well as is hoped, regardless of quality.
  • MAG wont make it out in 2009.
  • Home will not get its trophy room this year.
  • PSP2 will not be announced.
  • More exclusives will go un-exclusive.
The Ugly
  • Home will still suck a year from now.
  • The media will continue to shun Sony and the PS3.
  • Sony and Square Enix will be the only ones putting out proper games for the PSP as everyone else accepts its death outside of Japan.
  • Fanboy wars will not end.


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