Monday, 12 January 2009

Keeping It Red

I said we would have some exclusive content for you this week, so why not begin right here on this fine Monday evening with some good news for PS3-owning RTS fans.

Red Alert 3 is coming to PS3.

Yeah, actually for real. It was. Then it wasnt. Then it was again. And now here's us with some nice shiny deets. Back on re-announcement, EA pledged full HD support on our favourite home console, and it looks like that hasn't changed, however it also mentioned doing something cool with the extra space Blu-Ray provides. Well now our awesome source over at EA has also decided to let us in on some more details about what exactly these cool things are.

Firstly however, the bad news. Whilst the team remains hopeful that the game might make it out before then, the projected release date for Red Alert 3 on PS3 is sometime in October 2009, nearly a whole year after the original release. But fear not, it will surely be worth the wait. On top of some minor control changes from the 360 version, and the previously mentioned 1080p resolution, the PS3 version should also feature the content from the currently PC exclusive Uprising expansion pack. The game will also feature the extra maps from the special edition and there's the possibility that the Blu-Ray disk will be filled with all the behind-the-scenes stuff from the bonus DVD that came with that release, although that hasn't been decided. But I've left the best until last by far - the team also plan to include mouse and keyboard support. YES!

So, providing EA doesn't just cancel it again, we should be seeing the best version of Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 on the PlayStation 3 this autumn. Kickass.


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