Thursday, 22 January 2009

Infamous vs Prototype

Last Sunday, I updated the playlist and wishlist that you can find in the sidebar when I wrote up the Weekend Review (yes the move to Sunday is permanent). This is quite a normal thing to do, but this time it caused a bit of a dispute between myself and Aquatic. The specific cause of the dispute? I had put Prototype in my wishlist...and not Infamous.

I admit that normally (as part-time fanboy) I choose Sony games over competitors, and hey, right now, Sony needs the money. And I was really hyped for inFamous from the very moment they announced it at E3 last year (or was it the one before?). But then, come CES this year, they released some new gameplay footage. Ah.

And that's where I started to worry. Because rather than a game where you get to use electricity in lots of fun, exciting ways, it was looking like inFamous was in fact just a third-person shooter with your hands as guns and electricity as bullets. Prototype on the other hand had gone underground for quite some time, just surviving the whole Activision-Blizzard-let's-cancel-or-drop-shitloads-of-games fiasco. And although the game was intriguing before; post-hibernation the game is looking awesome.

See! Powers abound - rather than a shooter, Prototype is the platforming-action-adventure game I was hoping inFamous would be. I guess we'll see whether I was right to be concerned when the games are released. Prototype should be out this summer, with inFamous following in autumn.


Gman said...

"inFAMOUS" will better because of being limited to the electric powers. People keep thinking that's a bad thing, but look at the first "HALO" game. When people first heard that You could only carry two guns at a time, a lot of people thought it would suck for that. But, that was one of the reasons why "HALO" was so great, because instead of repetitively shooting anything that moves, the game forced You to use more strategy, making it more interesting. In the end, less is more.Besides, Sucker Punch has had a better critical track record than Radical. Radical's other games have had mixed to negative reviews, why would "Prototype" be any better? "inFAMOUS" is just the superior game.

Anonymous said...

hells ya i just played the demo and its godly its graphics are stunning and the gameplay flows very nicely. also the good or bad aspect of the game opens another world.

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