Monday, 12 January 2009

No sex please, we’re communists

Now then creating your own search engine may seem like a [rather] strange project for a political organisation, but for the communists of Leningrad [ a traditionalist] it’s the way to promote red ideals and fight capitalism.

The first search website of its kind is named after the German communist theorist Friedrich Engels. The [wise and rugged] Engels will become an alternative to Google, Yahoo, and of course Russia’s most popular search engine, Yandex, which are ‘infested with consumerism, the sex industry and mindless mass culture’, the would-be creators say.

According to the creators of this glorious new search engine: “Engels search will ban pornography, dating sites and obscenity. Engels will be the site for workers, farmers and intelligentsia,” foresee the enthusiastic visionaries. “Friedrich Engels’ kind face with a cunning wink – the logo of the raising top search website – will come to every country cottage, every mountain village, every nomad’s tent, every prison cell of a freedom fighter!”

So if your searching for an alternative search engine, then give them a couple of months and you could be Engelsing for your favourite blogs (TWP) and social networking sites (Facebook?)!


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