Saturday, 17 January 2009


Okay, so I'm actually pretty sure that the newly revealed AionGuard from Avalanche Studios (creators of the Just Cause series) will look nothing like their other works. But when they haven't even released a logo for the game yet, appropriate artwork is scarce. AionGuard sounds like a radical departure from the aforementioned series, abandoning the sunny island climes and showy skydiving, and opting instead for an fantasy world full of witches and dragons.

Avalanche has been working on the title for two years now, and is nearly ready to unveil the new game, which involves epic battles with giant monsters, massive armies, and pilotable dragons (please no motion sensing), and it even claims that AionGuard will feature action equal to some of the "finest set pieces gaming has to offer". Play follows the actual AionGuard, who have merged their bodies with awesome mechanical suits, which also grant them magical powers. They are out to recapture their world from the evil Nazurbaal, who are harvesting the world of its mystical energy source. The open-world gameplay requires you to lead the AionGuard to recapture various regions by crippling supply lines, or destroying power nodes before heading for the region's stronghold. You'll also often have to work with local tribes and revolutionary leaders to take down the base.

Avalanche will be talking more about AionGuard soon, but for more information right now, pick up the latest issue of Edge magazine (out now), which has a passive feature on the game.


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