Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Farming with Fryingpans

And with the AWs departure, a new hero emerges from the ashes, the noble, the rural, the slightly derranged Farmer Fryingpan!

So... me, me, me? Well, being the modest type, it shall be a short piece.

As you can probably guess, I live on a farm, which is sadly nowhere near people. This results in a slight (well possibly slightly more then merely slight) overexpousre to the wonders of the video game. I also have other talents, for example I am an aspiring guitarist! Notice the word 'aspiring'. It wouldn't be there if not for video games.

Anyhoo, enough about me, onto the accursed video games. Currently, I own a PSP, a PS3 and a relatively powerful PC. Sadly, on this day of days ( the day LBP slid through my letterbox ) my PS3 decided life wasn't worth is anymore and died. Well sort of, the nice men in sony coats are gonna give a good go at saving it, but that will take a while...

So that really leaves my PC for my gaming needs. So much choice! Well, some. Okay, not that much quality, but its about quantity isn't it? Okay it isn't. So here be the choices! yarrr
  • CS:S - The daddy of all online shooters really, its been around in one form or another for donkeys ages!
  • CoD4 - meh good, needs installing, so probably won't get played before I get round to shooting Nazi zombies in CoD WaW.
  • TF2 - This game is genius! Funny AND serious (okay I lie). Pyro is credit to team!
  • Fallout 3 - Really the last option which I am willing to say for my credibilities sake... Although it may have been dubbed as 'Oblivion with guns', it is so very much more then that, it is like you're own post-apocalyptic space opera all on one DVD. Go fetch. Now

And so ends my first blog. Not much to it really, this blogging malarky. Reckon I can do it proper good. Even with the whole world in a dizzle with credit crunches and the planet getting hotter and all. Cheers for reading.

Obama for President.


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