Sunday, 21 September 2008

And Breeeathe

So I was looking through my bookmarks today, catching up on the world of gaming news, when lo-and-behold something familiar caught my eye.

A Pail of Beavers. That blog thing that I was meant to be posting on when I had interesting things to say.

And listen! I've got interesting things to say!

As of today, I have games. That's right. I have, for the lack of a better and more legal word, acquired several of the best DS games there is to date, and am now working my way through them. To limit myself in my range, I have chosen five games to play and complete before I go onto the next five. Here is the first group of five:

Soul Bubbles
Rune Factory
Starfox Command
Summon Night Twin Age
Professor Layton

As you can see, quite a varied bunch of awesome I have. Now, I can't really give you much of a hands on impression yet, (despite my hands being on the DS for most of the day) but what I can say is that the beginning of every single one of those games is super fun time. Now to wait and see how many prove me wrong.


-Aquatic Wanderer


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