Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A Case Of The Rambles

For once, I actually decided to sit down and write a blog, not because I was bored, or the Wanderer had pestered me, or I hadn’t blogged in ages, just because I actually kinda fancied it. And you know what, I don’t even know what I want to talk about, I guess I’ll just see what happens.

I haven’t played Starcraft in over a week now, and if it wasn’t for the fact I’ve had a heck of a lot of exams to revise for, as well as working on a couple of little projects I currently have going, I would probably have gone insane from the withdrawal. Seriously though, I’ve been keeping my eye on a few Starcraft 2 blogs, I’m so hyped for that game.

Only problem is, as I have noted a few times, my laptop is perfectly fine for blogging and internetting and musics (when it feels like it), but it’s only a Core Duo-thingymabob, with integrated graphics and 1GB of RAM, so although it can cope with Starcraft, I think if I showed it Starcraft 2, it would just cry. And that's on the lowest settings.

And I finally found myself a job, so I could save up for a new PC for gaming, but not having any actual approximate release date for SC2 makes it difficult to work out timings of savings. But I start next week, so first thing I’ll be getting is a wireless box at home, because having to lug the laptop downstairs every time I want to go online is so incredibly annoying, and I also need it for the PlayStation Network. After that on the shopping list is a new hi-def video camera, a hi-def TV, a new PC for family use as our (256mb RAM, AMD Athlon-based) current PC is pretty much on it’s deathbed.

But then when to get a new machine for gaming? I guess the best bet is to just keep saving up and then go out and buy the best I can get for my money just before Starcraft 2 gets released…whenever that may be. Who knows. But you can see how expensive this addiction is gonna become.

And that’s not even including the nuts amount of PS3 games coming out. God, I’m gonna be skint by Christmas again for sure. Uncharted is pretty damn awesome by the way, I’m really getting into that; I stuck GTA in again today for a bit too, but revision just keeps eating into my precious game time. Oh well, just over a week of exams left now. Then I’m free.




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