Sunday, 25 May 2008

En Taro Adun!

For any of you out there who's even remotely into the PC RTS scene, this blog title should speak wonders to you. It would even give you a hint as to what this post is about.

Starcraft rocks.

That's right bitches, it's Starcraft time.

I understand that maybe a little back story is in order (or would be nice). A while ago I was introduced to Starcraft by a sibling who was currently obsessed with it, as were his friends; calling it a cult would not be too far off actually. But after playing a few games, it seems as though I was inadvertently initiated into this cult, and my downwards spiral into vespian gas, overlord spawning and 'ling rushing had begun. So why not drag a few people down with me?

I introduced it to Octopus whilst he was gracing my chamber with his presence, and luckily enough he was hooked too. After a little venturing into the social realm, we had a team of 4 to play it online (after much 'haxxing teh internets') and it was good. No, it still is good. It's perfect.

Starcraft is unique in that it isn't hindered these days amongst such RTS's as CNC3 and Sins of a Solar Empire when it comes to graphical prowess. It holds its own beautifully; heck, it isn't even 3D and yet I can still waste away my hours (which could be better spent with that revision malarkey might I add) immersing my self in the not-so-immersive war-cries of the Protoss Zealots ("Asar de Templari, my brethren!").

One of the many things I love about it, is that unlike most traditional RTS's, the teams (in this case 'races') available aren't even remotely similar. Sure, they've all got buildings, military units, basic necessities like that, but surprisingly that's where the parallel ceases. All the units are different to each race.

protoss marine

Here's an example; take the Terran Marine. A basic military unit which has a gun capable of shooting ground and air units, and given pretty average health and attack. Now, looking at the Protoss, the advanced alien race of monk-like freaks...there's nothing similar to the Marine at all. The Protoss main unit, the Zealot, is so different from the Marine that I find myself grinning. Even though each unit is completely different, they've still managed to balance them. Sure, if you put a Zealot, with it's energy blades and personal shield, against a Marine, then the Zealot would win hands down. But with the high costs of the Zealot and it's drawback when it comes to not being able to attack air-units, the two become balanced again. And this isn't even going into comparison with the Zerg military units.

And I haven't even begun to scrape the iceberg that is tactics, tech-tree's, buildings, upgrades...

It's just brilliant. So brilliant that I wouldn't be ashamed to mention my addiction to it. So brilliant in fact, that I would shout it from the top of the highest Spire mountain! Which is why I estimate we'll be playing it for weeks to come, what with the newly introduced ability to create our own maps (okay, it isn't new but we didn't even consider it before our fifth member showed up), and the ever-pressing need to revise for exams (and as a result, ignore the need).

And if we didn't need enough of a reason to get excited for Starcraft II, just look at it.


It's just dripping with gah I want it.

-Aquatic Wanderer


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