Saturday, 9 February 2008

Su Pleh

I do apologize for the drought of posts over here this week, and would like to shift the blame from the laziness of myself and Aquatic onto some other causes. Firstly, the polar ice caps melted a little, which gave me uncontrollable fits of sobbing. Secondly, I have been redecorating and so have had little time to think, let alone blog. Thirdly, my laptop broke =(. And finally, Aquatic was bedridden with the sniffles. But now we are all back, so here goes!

Last weekend, the Wanderer and I ventured to Cinema, in the realms of Outside, to go see Cloverfield. Now, the two of us rarely go out, let alone together, and so evidently it would take something Ammezin to change this. Cloverfield was Amezzin.

Seriously though, all things considered, Cloverfield is possibly one of the best films I've ever seen. J.J. Abrams' storytelling was top notch, the Handycam perspective was fantastic, and the effects were great. I know a lot of sites were slating the film, saying it was overhyped and that the acting was terrible. Now, last year, I saw the first trailer of Cloverfield (back when it was 01-18-08) and immediately sent it to Aquatic. The two of us then agreed to ignore everyhting about it until we saw it ourselves, to save ourselves for the vanilla experience of the cinema, you might say. And it paid off. None of the film was spoilt, and there were lots of "Whoa" moments. The other thing that most reviews ripped into was the acting. Here I have to disagree again. I think the use of Unknowns was fantastic, because if I had noticed George Clooney and Angelina Jolie, it wouldve completely ruined the engrossingness (new word) of the film. And they weren't that bad actors anyway...or maybe we were just distracted by the creature instead. All in all, highly recommended: four-and-a-half handheld video cameras out of five.

Woah...long paragraph. By the way, I saw my first ever iPhone in the wild last week. Bearing in mind I catch the train twice a day with business people, that's quite impressively late, but wahey nonetheless!

The next thing I wanna talk about is my Burnout Paradise hands-on. Now, as you all know, I don't own annext-gen system, so I went to someone's house to play. I should also mention that I played the 360 version. The last Burnout I played was Dominator on PS2, so the sudden change in controls was a little unnerving, but made sense. Triggers to accelerate and brake, A to Boost. pretty simple stuff. I've been a Burnouter for years, and was really looking forward to playing Paradise just because it seems that they've done something radical with it (also vaguely related, Aquatic and I love Black, the shooter from the Burnout team). I love the new roll-up-to-traffic-lights-and-pull-triggers-to-start-race mechanic, it makes it so unbelievably easy, quick and fun to play Paradise. I also missed the Retry button...for about 2 seconds, before I just drove out from when I cocked up to the nearest other race. It's actually fun, and a proper next-gen game. I also had a try online, and the integration is near seamless =D. All in all, Burnout Paradise = Awesome, and I can't wait to get it myself for my imaginary PS3.

Right, the final paragraph goes to the thing the Wanderer mentioned in his last post, that is our new feature. Basically, the plan is to do our top games evar (ie: that we've played) across all consoles, so look for that to start showing up soon.

For now, goodbye!
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