Sunday, 27 January 2008

Come In To Our World (No, Not Like That)

Hullo there, and greetings from me, Fluorescent Octopus!

I am not from the moon, as the rumours and religious writings dictate, but instead from a small village known as Temple Harrington in the west of Greenland. Which is obviously a lie, but I'm not gonna tell you where I really live, am I? Silly you.

Right, I should probably explain what this blog-of-sorts is about. Me and Aquatic Wanderer here (he's waving), are students. Not fantastic ones, mind you; we get quite lazy with ICT coursework in particular. We could do well if we wanted to, but our teacher is the sort that deserves to honestly burn, and so we have grown to detest the subject that, as self-confessed geeks, we should adore with full sincerity. Where was I? Oh right, students. Which isn't remotely interesting.

Yeah, we love games, and so you will see a lot of stuff about games on here. I am a Sony man at heart, but actually growing more of a platform agnostic every day, mostly due to the awesome games coming out of everywhere. That's right, even England. Yes, that's sarcasm, we make the best games: GTA, Burnout and the like are all ours. Anyways, if you're looking for something quirky and fun to play (for free), try either Lux, or the demo of Armadillo Run. Remember, both of us here are always looking for something new, so if you find anything cool on your internet wanderings, do share, and don't be a selfish little bugger all your life. Oh and most anticipated game of 2008? LittleBigPlanet (PS3, Q3 08).

Moving on, Aquatic Wanderer and I were having a heated discussion this week about MP3 players, which are obviously the most important things in the world, and therefore something valid to argue about. My point is that I've had an iPod nano (1st gen) since Xmas 2006, and eventually threw it away in November after I fell asleep whilst listening to it in bed and woke up to find I had crushed the screen. I still use iTunes for music (apart from a brief stint with the Zune Software at the end of last year), so I'm thinking of getting an 80GB iPod Classic. Now Aquatic just refuses to use anything with an 'i' in front of it, so has been trying to convince me to get something else. Thing is: Creative's are nice but the UI are the MP3 player equivalent of a Sony Ericsson phone (as in, it is shit), Archos' are boring and ugly, Samsung's...erm...I'm just not interested in, the Zune hasn't been announced for release here yet, and Sony's have really crappy PC software, so I'm left with an iPod. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Now, to introduce a feature! *pre-emptive applause* Welcome to...Custom Soundtracks! Now this is effectively a 'What have I been listening to lately?' segment under a different name, so without further ado, here goes:

Right, get that lot down your intertubes, and give us a shout back with what you think!

I think there's just time to sum up, so hope you all have a lovely lifetime, and I'm sure one of us will be back soon to blog some more!

Fluorescent Octopus

P.S.: Pata-pata-pata-pon.


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