Friday, 23 January 2009

Red Alert 2 Fest

So, another week and another gaming competition without Fryingpan who seems to refuse to play with us. First of all I'd just like to mention than Octopus hit me really hard today...haha [literally- he punched my arm].

Anyway, so in celebration of Red Alert 3 coming out on PS3 [That's our excuse anyway], we [AW, FO and VA anyway] have been playing Red Alert 2 together via a LAN. Had a match with Octopus, [which lasted all of 5 minutes] after I Conscript rushed his base and trashed his Construction yard. Fun match, quick warm up.

So onto the bigger match of the night, myself vs FO vs AW. Now of course that's not the way it worked out. Reasonably sensible start off but then soon developed in Octopus sending some Kirovs into Aquatics base, causing damage but more importantly leaving my Kirovs open to bomb his CY. Spurred on by my success [Premature], I mocked Aquatic with a quick [and soon regretted] 'hahahaha'. Not taking any of my shit he then sent his Black Eagle bombers in my general direction and obliterated my CY...sad sad stuff.

I noticed that Octopus had been left out of this destruction, [and being a fair old chap] I levelled the playing field. Although when I say levelled the playing field I mean I Kiroved Octopus's entire base and put him out of the game. If you haven't guessed by now, we like Kirovs.

Leaving myself and AW in the game we had a brief 4 minutes of Cold war, in which a tit-for-tat exchange occurred, using the Cloning vats I spammed Flak troopers and negated his Air superiority, then moved in for the kill with [you guessed it] the Kirovs and Conscripts.

Good game lads.

Any strategies for RA2? Comment and discuss.



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Hahaha... i just had fun reading your post. Not a strategy from me I'm a no good of red alert 3, but I so want to go back playing this game. :)

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