Monday, 5 January 2009

Christmas Roundup

And its the end of the Christmas holidays. Rubbish. Well, actually we all go back to learnings on Tuesday. But still. Rubbish. Needless to say, we've been using our non-school time wisely, and have got in a significant amount of gaming. So here goes for our special post-destive edition of the Roundup!

I managed to complete Bioshock, which was so unbelieveably awesome, and I shall be jibber-jabbering on about quite soon here. Following that, I decided against returning to Uncharted to platinum it good, instead avoiding heavy story-based games and going for something a little easier on the mind. Mirror's Edge probably wasn't the best place to start then, its been driving me slowly insane, but I have completed Chapter 6 now. SingStar and Pain got a fair amount of play from my family over the holiday period, and I bizarrely jumped into a bit of Assassin's Creed too. Forgot I hadn't finished that off. PSN-wise I've been playing bits of WipEout here and there and I completed the Metal Gear Solid pack for LBP recently too.

Aquatic in his unworking ways (but that's cool, I want a new TV) has understandably got a lot more gaming done than me. He has managed to finish off Resistance 2 and Mirror's Edge (which he only got for Xmas), and has been dipping in and out of Left4Dead, Everybody's Golf and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (which he tells me he has put 72 hours and 49 minutes into). He also got MotorStorm 2 and Bioshock for Xmas and has been indulging himself in fits of both of those. Neither of us have any idea what Armadillo or Fryingpan have been doing due to them apparently disappearing off the face of the earth, bar that Armadillo got his PS3, so has likely been playing that to death, and Fryingpan pops up on Steam every so often playing CounterStrike Source. So there.

Xmas done.

Roll on 2009.


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